Frequently Asked Questions

Flower Bar:

Q: How does it work/how much does it cost?

A: Everything in the flower bar is sold a la cart, by the stem! Stems range from $1-$4 and more for more rare, luxury blooms. Pick and choose exactly what you’d like, or have us create something for you! When the selection process is finished, one of our designers will arrange the bouquet and hand wrap it for you in our signature flower cone for a beautiful presentation!


Q: Can I bring a vase for you to arrange in?

A: We do offer vase arranging as an option! However, vase arrangements are much more time consuming and require more designer labor, for this there is a design fee of $10-20+ and we require at least a 2 hour window between the time the vase is left with us and the desired pick-up time. Flowers are priced by the stem, but we do ask for flexible budgets in order to use our discretion to create a beautiful piece. Please note that some requests cannot be guaranteed (such as only luxury blooms on a smaller budget to fill a large vase) and that certain vase types are more difficult to arrange in and require additional resources, which may increase the design fee.


Q: Can I request specific flowers/custom orders?

A: You can always request certain flowers or colors, but for the most rare, we do suggest requesting 2 weeks in advance for us to get them in, if they are available. Certain minimum order quantities do apply for custom orders.


Q: What if I need flowers on a day you aren’t open?

A: This would fall under a custom order, and while we’re always happy to take custom orders, we do have minimum quantities that are required, which typically start at $55 for most orders.


Q: Do you guys do private flower bars?

A: Absolutely! Simply contact us with the date and location you’d like to have a flower bar, and we’ll be happy to set one up! Our minimums for private flower bars start at $500.



Q: Where do y’all deliver?

 A: We currently have two delivery zones, designated by zip code.

Zone 1 ($10):

77056,  77027, 77098, 77006, 77019, 77018, 77008, 77007, 77009, 77002, 77010, 77003, 77004, 77005, 77030, 77081

Zone 2 ($20):

77042, 77063, 77028, 77016, 77093, 77026, 77022, 77076, 77091, 77092, 77055, 77024, 77057, 77081, 77401, 77025, 77054, 77030, 77021, 77012, 77029, 77011, 77023

We are always working to expand our areas, so let us know where you are, and if you’d like us to expand in your direction!


Q: I placed an order for delivery, and have not received any updates. Can I find out more information about my order?

A: When your order is delivered, we will send you a text update to the number provided when ordering to let you know it has been delivered. If the delivery is off-schedule, we will notify you as soon as possible. Often, the deliveries are sent out so that the last delivery arrives at the end of the delivery window, so the flowers are not left in the heat for too long. Please wait until the delivery window has expired before contacting us to request an update. If you contact us before the delivery window has expired, we will not able to provide you with an update from our drivers until the window has ended. If you have a specific time you’d like a delivery to arrive please contact us BEFORE placing your order to ensure it is possible. While we always try to honor requests, we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time, only within the window provided during checkout.


Q: Can I change my delivery date?

A: Please contact us at least 24 hours before your delivery date if you will be unable to receive your bouquet on the scheduled delivery date! We will be more than happy to make accommodations when applicable!



Q: Why are you guys closed for the summer?

A: Heat is one of the biggest factors in expediting the decay of flowers. Once flowers are cut from the ground, they start to die. We can prolong this as much as possible, but they will all wilt and start to decay. Having them out or on a truck in the Houston summer will expedite that process to the point where we don’t feel that they meet our quality standards. The truck is SO cute, but we’re here for the love of florals, and when it’s over 85 degrees, it’s just not good for the flowers. We always have an in-store flower bar that has a wide selection for everyone, and encourage all to stop by!


Q: Does the truck travel?

A: While we have kept the truck in the heights for it’s first two seasons, we do plan on having a diverse location schedule this fall. Interested in having the truck at your location or a location near you? Contact us with the desired date and location!


Q: Can I rent the truck for a special event?

A: truck rental include a flower bar of your choice, and special event minimums start between $1,000-3,000, depending on location, date and time, flowers and staff required at the event! Please contact us for truck rental inquiries!


Q: What kind of truck is it?

A: She’s a 2002 Freightliner that was retired from Fedex before she became Houston’s favorite flower truck!



Q: Can I sign up for the subscription and then cancel to get an inexpensive bouquet with free delivery?

A: You can, but that’s a d*ck move and you know it. We’re a small, local business, and have worked for years without paying ourselves in order to bring products like this to those who love flowers. We reserve the right to refuse service to those who abuse discounts and offerings. We often offer first subscription orders at a discount. We may actually spend more on the flowers, packaging, labor and delivery on these first orders for subscription customers than the price paid for the initial bouquet. This means that we take a loss in order to give people an opportunity to try the service if they are unsure about what flowers they’ll get or how the service works. If you sign up and then cancel because you want one cheap bouquet with free delivery, we’re essentially paying to give you a bouquet and if you think that that is OK to do to people who are working hard without pay to follow their dreams, then we’re not interested in having you as a customer. We are interested in providing this service to people who love flowers and continually want flowers, and this is the most convenient way to provide those customers with flowers at an affordable price. We can’t do that if we are losing money because people are taking advantage and abusing something  great meant for flower lovers. You know what you’re doing is not cool to do to small business owners, and you’re doing it anyway. Shame on you.


We understand that our design style is not for everyone, and that’s totally OK! If you sign up and you decide the service isn’t for you, we welcome your feedback and will gladly welcome you back as a customer if you provide us with your reason for canceling!


Q: I’m going out of town, can I change my delivery date?

A: Please contact us at least 24 hours before your delivery date if you will be unable to receive your bouquet on the scheduled delivery date! We will be more than happy to make accommodations when applicable!


Q: Can I request certain flowers or colors for my subscription?

A: Currently our petal club subscription bouquets are “designer selection” bouquets. This means that what goes in is up to the discretion of the designer making the bouquet. No two bouquet deliveries are ever the same, and at this time, we cannot offer customizations. If you’d like to make a request, contact us, and we will do our best, but we can’t ever guarantee a certain design on bouquets.



Private Events:

Q: Do you guys offer private workshops?

A: Absolutely! Our event minimum for private events starts at $500. All of the workshops on our website can be hosted privately, OR we can come up with a completely custom design and workshop specific for your event! Please contact us for private workshop inquiries.


Q: Do you offer private flower bars?

A: If you have a larger event, private flower bars are the perfect guest gift! These minimums also start at $500, and the bouquet design is completely customizable, as well! Please contact us for flower bar inquiries.


Refund and Cancelation Policies:

Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: You can cancel your online order by contacting us with at least 48 hours notice. We cannot cancel and refund orders with any less than 48 hours notice. For orders over $250, custom orders, or private workshops, flower bars, or private events, we need at least 30 days notice to alter the order, and cancelations or down-payment refunds may not be applicable.

Q: I am not satisfied with my order. Can I receive a refund?

A: Because of the organic nature of flowers, we do not offer refunds. All bouquets and arrangements will have variation from photos online. If you feel like your expectations have not been met, please send a description of the discrepancy, the order number for reference, and photos of the order to